THE BnB Hotels

THE BnB Hotels is a new budget chain hotels managed and owned by Panorama Group, a leading and the biggest integrated travel services in Indonesia.

In the 2012, PHM (Panorama Hotel Management) as a holding management set bid for the new brand, and Decovisual Group through its subsidiary 2++|TooPlusPlus have succeeded to win the bid.

The brand should reflect a budget-conscious and practicality, meanwhile it should also means chic, young, bold, dynamic.

Our approach is to put a bold, light and catchy visuals to convey THE BnB Hotels personality, whilst it should keep it relevant with the young business travelers.


Design and Art Direction:
Nikky Almon Hamzah
Karim Nazir, Fairnan Suharnoto
Graphic Design:
Nikky Almon Hamzah, Dirga Adiyatna, Mahdi Malik,Hilda Halim,  Fairnan Suharnoto, Eggy Surachman, Gilang Topan Firdaus
Environmental Design: Nikky Almon Hamzah
Web Design:
Hilda Halim, Akbar Mappaleo
Lambok Hutabarat, Eggy Surachman, Gilang Topan Firdaus, Abizar Ismail