The 21st Indonesia International Motorshow 2013

The 21st Indonesia International Motorshow 2013 in one of the top-three biggest International Automotive Show in Asia.

In the 2012, Dyandra Promosindo as the Event Organizer set bid for the event identity, and Decovisual Group through its subsidiary 2++|TooPlusPlus have succeeded to win the bid.

The event identity should reflect a thematic message for this year event ( smart, vehicle, mobility) also to bring the optimistic, fresh yet established manner in the whole identity touchpoints.

Our approach is to put a strong yet subtle tone, which cause modesty and impacting the whole touchpoints by using bright tertiary colors and well-rounded form. The simplified automotive icons is used carefully to show the core event as well as to show the vivacity and importance of the event.


Design and Art Direction:
Nikky Almon Hamzah
Associate Design Director:
Lambok Hutabarat
Graphic Design:
Nikky Almon Hamzah, Lambok Hutabarat, Meidy Dwie Putra, Mahdi Malik, Fairnan Suharnoto, Eggy Surachman, Hilda Halim, Gilang Topan Firdaus
Lambok Hutabarat, Mahdi Malik